Work-Life Management Seminars, Projects and Presentations

Our Work-Life management concepts and services will impact the organization's effectiveness on all levels

1 Individual level:
Individual health management
How to handle stress in the right way
Time and goal management
Healthy diet
Effective workout

2 Team or departmental level:
Sound leadership
Health management for the team

3 Corporate level:
Health management as a strategic component of corporate leadership
Human resource structures – Managing human capital to the best of its ability

Find out more about "Work-Life-Management" in one of our presentations (from 45 minutes up to 3 hours), seminars (1/2 day to 2 days) and projects (3 - 12 months). We will be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you.

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Healthy Leadership

Target audience are managers with staff management responsibilities. Healthy and high-performing employees are the basis of a company's economic success. "Healthy leadership" ensures high levels of motivation, is cost-efficient and turns a group of colleagues into a dynamic team.


Stress Management

In today's work and living environment people have to cope with multiple challenges and tasks requiring effective stress management strategies. Sustainable development of sufficient resources has therefore become a vital factor in maintaining vitality and quality of life.


Individualized Health Management

For departments and/or teams. Individual health as the basis of vitality, performance and quality of life. Both employers and employees benefit from a sound and well-functioning health management concept.


Fit and Slim

Our modern lifestyle entails the risk that we do not eat the right food and do not get enough exercise. This leads to overweight and other diseases of modern civilisation. But there is a way out of this dilemma: the right motivation and a proven concept are the key to well-being.


Successful and Effective Training

Training enhances quality of life and improves performance. At Praeveneo you will find out how rules, guidelines and planning enable you to implement a sustainable strategy.