Team Health Check-up

The best for your health –  expertise, experience and the joy of interacting with people distinguish the Praeveneo team. We give our best every day in order to reveal sustainable solutions for a healthy life.

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Dr. med.
Wolfram Pfeiffer

Doctor in charge of

"When we succeed in making tangible health as enjoyment, the long-term implementation of a corresponding strategy is something anybody can do."

Dr. med.
Martin Pitzer

Specialist in Internal Medicine - Pneumology
Occupational Medicine Specialist

"My goal is to encourage all our customers as equal partners to actively promote sustainable health care"

Dr. med.
Michael Bardutzky

Specialist in Internal Medicine
Sports Medicine

"Health isn’t everything, but without it, everything else is nothing"

Sina Kappler

Team Assistent

"That which touches us deep inside is the most valuable thing that there is to protect."

Sabrina Wößner

Team Assistent

"I am very pleased about the many possibilities that Praeveneo offers our customers and about the way I can help actively design them."

Maren Tschierschke

Team Assistant

"There are many illnesses, but only one good health"

Simone Rieß

Medical Assistant

"I am convinced of the benefits of Praeveneo's concept - I am happy to communicate this through my work to our customers every day."

Katja Becker

Medical Assistant

"My family, regular sports and work on a motivated team are the sources of energy in my life."

Barbara Legeland

Medical Assistant

"A sound mind rests in a sound body"

Waltraud Savic

Service and Breakfast

"Every day I am happy to prepare a healthy and tasty breakfast for our patients."

Renate Huber

Service and Breakfast

"Live and let live"

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Work-Life Team

With our team, we find out step by step in a personal, detailed consultation which work-life management strategy fits you and we support you in reaching your goal with appropriate seminars and lectures.

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Bernd Schäufle

Managing Director of
Work-Life Solutions GmbH

"The paths to change can vary greatly for different individuals. We find out step by step which work-life strategy fits you and we support you in reaching your goal."

Michael Peitz

Sports Scientist (M.A.)

"For anyone who does not know where he wants to sail, no wind is the right one." We help you find the right harbour.

Nadja Schaile

Health Manager (univ.)

Andreas Kaiser

Sports Scientist (M.A.)

Dr. Werner Bachmaier

Specialist in General and Occupational Medicine

Christiane Espich

Business Coach and
Book Author

Arne Trommer

Dipl. Sports Scientist

"Everything that moves is good. Arne Trommer is a true all-around athlete, but his preferences clearly include mountain biking and martial arts."

Gina Schöne

Master of Sports Sciences (M.A)
Master of Health Business Administration (M.A.)

“Applying Corporate Health Management means to improve employees’ well-being and at the same time entrepreneurial success in a sustained manner“. This aspiration is what drives this Health and Quality Manager in her development and implementation of programmes for health improvement.From her rich professional experience in prevention and rehabilitation sports therapeutics she has studied the effects of one-sided loads and strains and since has developped effective and holistic soultions for the promotion of health.  She is convinced that healthy and motivated employees perform better and aims at offering individualised, compelling solutions for enterprises, creating win-win-situations.Her sources of power and recreation are Pilates, Nordic Walking and Speed-Skating.

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Jutta Crombie

Business Coach / Resilience Trainer

Marcus Schoenki

Dipl. Sports Scientist

Stefanie Kerbusch

Sports Scientist