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Your personal day at Praeveneo

At 8:15 you will be welcomed by our team. After blood is drawn, your personal doctor and his assistant will accompany you through the rest of the programme. After taking a detailed health and illness history, a thorough internal examination and the ultrasound of your heart and internal organs, a delicious, healthy breakfast and today's paper will be waiting for you.

Your doctor will then determine through a stress ECG with performance diagnostic how healthy your heart is and how fit you really are. After a refreshing shower, the arteries that supply your brain (vessel age) and the function of your thyroid and lungs are examined. Vision and hearing tests round out the programme.

Between the examinations, you can participate in our individual stress analysis. After lunch, we explain your laboratory values in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner in our final interview. Together, we formulate an individual concept for the long-term maintenance of your health. Then you receive a detailed written report, which is sent marked "personal/confidential" to your home address.

We recommend repeating the check-up every 1-2 years. For managers and employees of companies, the agreed-upon repetition cycles apply. At any time, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have between check-ups.

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The Praeveneo Check-up in Detail

Investigation of the health and illness history:

Together with your doctor, you will discuss your lifestyle (nutrition, activity, stress, pleasures), but also all illnesses and current complaints. Illnesses in your family will also be discussed in detail.

Laboratory diagnostics:

Extensive analysis of relevant values in your blood, stool and urine. On request, more detailed examinations can be done.

Physical examination incl. skin inspection with reflected-light microscopy and examination of your musculoskeletal system

Body fat analysis using bioimpedance measurement and skin fold thickness method

Ultrasound examinations:
Internal organs (incl. prostrate for men) 

Heart (colour Doppler)
Arteries that supply blood to the brain (colour Doppler technology incl. measurement of the interior layer thickness (IMT))

Cardio-vascular examinations:

Resting ECG

Stress ECG
Lung function check at rest (spirometry)

Sports medicine performance diagnostics

Measurement of the maximum oxygen intake under stress (spiroergometry) and lactate level diagnostic for determination of sensible training ranges

Validated stress analysis:

Determination of the individual stress load and capability

Assessment of the risk of burn-out

Vision check (close and far-away range)

Hearing check (audiometry)


Explanation of the findings. Concrete assessment of the risk of vessel issues such as heart attack and stroke. Joint formulation of an individual action plan for the topics of nutrition, improvement of physical fitness and possibly weight reduction. Explanation of the results of the stress analysis and recommendations for dealing with stress and resilience.

Written summary:

Easy-to-understand summary of all explanations and findings from the examination day. In accordance with the physician's duty of confidentiality, the reports are always sent marked "personal/confidential" to your home address. A few days after your check-up, you will receive a detailed and easy-to-understand written report.

Questions between check-ups:

We will be glad to assist you with health consulting and health online. In addition, you can participate in our seminars in order to learn more about topics in the areas of nutrition, fitness, stress and time management.



We charge the costs for the one-day check-up borrowing from the latest version of the German Fee Regulations for Doctors [Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ)]. We would be happy to send you a precise specification of our services. Are you privately insured? Please discuss the costs in advance. We will be glad to send you a cost estimate. If you come via a company programme, the costs will be assumed by your company.