Health! For every one of us and for every company

Praeveneo is your partner for solutions-driven and practically-oriented health management. Our services and concepts assist you in developing and maintaining a healthy corporate culture while creating a sustainable benefit for every staff member. 
By establishing a comprehensive and efficient occupational health management policy we help companies to promote the well-being and performance of their employees and at the same time to effectively cope with demographic change, shortage of skilled professionals and increasing performance pressure. 
All our physicians are specialists in internal medicine and preventive medicine (Deutsche Akademie für Präventivmedizin / German Academy for Preventive Medicine). Ongoing staff training ensures a consistent level of superior quality that is based on the latest scientific developments. 
Work-Life Management focuses on the implementation of structures in the field of occupational health management backed by impact and quality control analyses. Our experienced team of speakers consists of psychologists, physicians, sports scientists and health coaches who will present strategies on how to implement successful and sustainable change. Our whole range of services is available in Germany and around the world.

"Put your trust in us. We're with you all the way."
Stay a step ahead with health management by Praeveneo.

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