Health Consulting – a particular sign of personal appreciation

Step by step to enhanced quality of life and performance

"Put your trust in us - we're with you all the way." Take our word for it and let us jointly create your personal health concept. The paths to change can vary greatly for different individuals. We find out step by step which work-life strategy fits you and we support you in reaching your goal.

1. Personal consultation
At Praeveneo, we devote our time to your concerns and expectations. In a detailed consultation you will describe your current working and living conditions. Together, we will discuss which of your objectives are appropriate and achievable and then develop your personal strategy helping you to systematically achieve your goals.

2. Check-up
The detailed and comprehensive medical status report allows us to assess your health status and conditions.
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3. Personal Coaching
It may initially be beneficial to train with the support of a personal coach. Personal Coaching focuses on your personal situation and helps you to take the first steps towards a more active and vital life - steps which may seem unusual and not quite easy at the beginning. After a successful start you can also benefit from personal coaching if you want to boost your motivation or need to change your training programme.

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Health Consulting for Companies

Effective, sustainable and professional health management

Establishing a health management scheme is an important strategic decision for every company. The complex requirements of a sustainable, integrated implementation across the entire organisation often confront operational resources with seemingly intractable problems. Our experts will help you concentrate on what is essential and achievable and will accompany the introduction process where needed.

In addition to a first analysis of the current structures and services, an anonymous employee survey could be conducted providing additional information about the current conditions throughout the organisation. The survey results will then allow sustainable implementation of appropriate measures.