Health Check-ups for Companies

Health management is an important strategic decision. This is especially true for companies. Put your trust in us - we're with you all the way.

Only those who are healthy and stress-resistant are able to maintain a high level of performance over the long term. A growing number of employers have recognised the investment in employee health and well-being as a strategic priority, particularly when putting staff performance into the context of demographic change, an ageing society and an increasing shortage of skilled labour. The check-up at Praeveneo is the ideal basis for this profitable investment.

Our physicians create an individual and detailed analysis of one's health strengths and weaknesses based on the latest scientific findings and in cooperation with our partner "prevent.on" both in Karlsruhe and throughout the whole of Germany. The check-up primarily consists of an analysis of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, a stress analysis and burnout prevention as well as cancer prevention and screening. The clients receive an easily comprehensible "roadbook" describing how to maintain or improve their health and vitality. Both the company and its healthy, highly effective team will benefit: Supporting the staff's health and well-being will lead to a stronger emotional bond between the employee and the company. Managers will recognise that they need to set an example in terms of healthy living and sound leadership.

And there is a lot more that Praeveneo has to offer: In combination with our seminars and presentations on work-life management, with our health consulting and health online services, we develop an advanced and sustainable Occupational Health Management policy for your company. We will gladly present our concept in detail to you.

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